Warm food for homeless people in Sofia

Every day our mobile team offers hot meals to 30 people living on the streets. We do this at lunchtime in the Algiers garden next to the railway station and near the Rila Hotel. The food is prepared by a refugee family from Lebanon, for whom we provide sheltered employment in our social enterprise Bistro Caristo. The food is based on Bulgarian recipes, although Caristo is popular for its authentic Lebanese taste. Lunch includes soup, main course and bread. The funds are from private donors to whom we are very grateful! We need BGN 160 per day to continue providing meals.


Alongside this, our mobile team (a social worker and a psychologist) make constant rounds in a specialised vehicle. Homeless people can share their problems and receive social and psychological counselling. We assist them in obtaining identity documents and in finding accommodation in municipal institutions. We treat wounds and abscesses, deworm, perform rapid HIV/AIDS tests, and the all-important pre- and post-test counseling.