Ukraine: Caritas mobilizes all available forces and resources

Caritas Bulgaria shares the concern of the international community and its network of sister organizations in Europe regarding the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, which could lead to a colossal humanitarian and social catastrophe.
Today's looming threat of large-scale military intervention, compounded by the pandemic and the accompanying economic crisis, is worsening the already difficult situation in Ukraine. An often forgotten conflict, the war in eastern Ukraine has been going on for 8 years without interruption. Its harsh reality is experienced on a daily basis by the people of the region, who face loss of life, prolonged trauma and the destruction of vital infrastructure needed to ensure their basic human rights. 

From the very beginning of the crisis, Caritas teams in Ukraine have been by the side of those affected by the conflict, showing them love and care. Since 2014, the organisation has supported over 800,000 people, including victims and those affected by the war in the east of the country, including internally displaced civilians and residents of isolated settlements along the frontline. The assistance provided by Caritas Ukraine is comprehensive in its efforts to meet the complex needs of the people and includes the distribution of food, drinking water, hygiene supplies, materials for housing reconstruction, medical care and psychosocial support, financial development assistance and support for small businesses and agriculture. Caritas Ukraine develops and implements programs to identify and meet the humanitarian needs of the most vulnerable groups, including children, the elderly and people with disabilities.

"We do everything we can to be able to provide help and support to people in need, including in emergency and crisis situations, as we have been doing in Eastern Ukraine since 2014," says Tetyana Stavnichy, President of Caritas Ukraine. "We work closely with Church structures and local authorities to continue to be prepared for new challenges and threats if the situation warrants it," she added a few days ago.

In this difficult time, the people of Ukraine need our solidarity, support and prayers to know that they are not alone. Every gesture of help and kindness will support Caritas' efforts to continue to express concern, love and solidarity to all those affected, thus continuing to work to preserve human dignity and restore hope among the most vulnerable in this situation. You could donate in support to the following bank account, indicating UKRAINE as the reason.

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