Problems facing the homeless:

• Life without a roof over one’s head. Though not all homeless people face this actual problem, many are in need of a permanent place to settle.
• Hunger and eating food from rubbish bins.
• Absence of basic personal hygiene.
• No access to medical care.
• Mass alcoholism, psychiatric illness and criminal behaviour.
• Inability to meet the needs of the labour market and discrimination by employers.
• Lack of planning and money management skills.

Drop-in centre in Burgas

This is a place where homeless people visit without limit but for a short time. They are warmly welcomed and given a refreshing drink. We have a bathroom and a washing machine they can use and the consultations that began on the streets continue here as well.

Mobile Care

Our nurses, social workers and psychologists make daily trips across Sofia and Burgas to meet with people living on the street. We run this service with specialized vans, which are our mobile reception centers. First of all, we show these individuals that they are important. We listen to their stories and advise them how to use existing opportunities to improve their condition. Although difficult, due to their lack of discipline, we strive to keep to the goals we set in their individual plans for personal development. We help them get identification documents. We mediate in their contacts with state or municipal social and health institutions for shelter accommodation and specialised treatments. We provide on-site help, detoxifying against tics and scabies, treating wounds, testing for tuberculosis and blood-borne diseases and providing emergency medication. We distribute hot meals, clothes and shoes. We look for relatives who could helping, as well as referring the homeless to employers and help them to perform well at interviews. We also provide opportunities for visits to sports and cultural events.